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No problem will be left unturned

Advanced technology to find solutions

Whether you need drivability, undercar, transmission, diesel, body control or just about any repair you can think of, Garcia Auto Center diagnostic tools offer advanced technology to help us diagnose problems and find solutions to perform the correct repairs quickly and efficiently.

We offer you

•   High engine temperature

•   Poor gas mileage

•   Check engine light is on

•   Car pulls to the left or right

•   Car squeals when braking

•   Car shakes when driving

•   Smoke


No matter the issue we will take the time to figure out the problem and help solve it.

Financing available

Used Cars

No credit? No problem!

At Garcia Auto Center we believe in providing you with the best customer care and quality cars and service. Interested in getting a used car at an affordable price; call us at 805-477-9970.

Ensuring your vehicle is up to par for the road

Just one simple phone call can fix your car problems.


Diagnostic services include Antilock Brake Systems (ABS), Computer diagnostic and Emissions and EVAP testing. Count on Garcia Auto Center to diagnose your vehicle.